"Tunisia, a country of North Africa, celebrated the day of its national independence (ex-French colony, since 1956) in Brasília, at the headquarters of its embassy, ​​in Lago Sul, in Brasilia-DF, after 63 years of fighting. " So said Ambassador Mohamed Heidi Soltani, on opening the solemnities.

Among those present, the President of the INER Group - Dr. Jomateleno Teixeira and the National Director of the Confederation of the Social Elo Brazil - Ms. Cida Gracietti, both of whom are very honored to be received at the Embassy, ​​are grateful for their receptivity and happy because the The ZERO SOCIAL 10 has been designed for at least two decades by this entrepreneur and is in the process of being rolled out in 54 African countries as well, showing, in fact, the most accurate solution for the disposal of garbage, which will definitely preserve the Global Environment.

It is also worth mentioning the presence of the Ministerial Delegation of Palestine in Brazil to participate in the "Eighth World Water Forum" in Brasilia this week, as well as several diplomatic authorities, with which, of course, the INER GROUP will initiate to expand this Project.

Dr. Jomateleno Teixeira and Ms. Cida Gracietti return to S. Paulo early this Saturday - March 23, after a successful week of hearings in the National Congress and by the Ministries in Brasilia, to follow up on their work and should begin a short journey of hearings in the States, confided to us enthusiastically during this reception at the Embassy of Tunisia.

Source: Text prepared by Heloísa Souza.


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