The Chairman of the Iner Group and the Confederation of Social Partners, dr. Jomateleno dos Santos Teixeira and Ms. Cida Gracietti, National Director of CESB, met with entrepreneurs who held the Nigeria / Brazil Business Forum Event, which took place on Friday (29) at the Novotel Jaraguá Hotel in São Paulo.

Continuing with the negotiation rounds, it was closed on Saturday (30), it was celebrated from the partnership with the responsible company that held the event in Brazil, to hold 4 (four) events to implement the Iner System "Lixo Zero Social 10" in all the countries of the African Continent.

During a year and two months, several meetings were held at the embassies, where we established political ties and took the keys of those countries, opening the doors to the project, "Lixo Zero, Social 10" and the Confederação do Elo Social.

In the words of dr. Jomateleno dos Santos Teixeira he is having the opportunity to give back some of his 'DNA' that certainly came from Africa.

          African Prince Otumba Adekunle Aderonmu is one of the biggest supporters of the Iner Project "Lixo Zero Social 10" and with this, the Iner Group is taking the waste solution, with the development of plants with Brazilian characteristics that fall in Africa. each with a social building, with seven directors from the Confederation of the Social Hub Africa, in the same way as Brazil, identical to the Citizen's Social Project.

Dr Jomateleno continues ... we are prepared to turn 100 percent (one hundred percent) of solid waste, including the electronic waste that has turned a fever into Africa.

The goal is to take our work to Africa, which we have been doing for more than a year, but that it is developed by Africans, since we already have 32 countries, including Nigeria.

Each commercial plant will be built to build a social building, and in the countries where we have already met with the ambassadors, we are doing to the logistics of distribution of our plants.

After participating in the first Nigeria / Brazil Business Forum Event, we are partnering with the company that will hold the event to connect the companies of the Iner Consortium that will be going with us to Africa, with African entrepreneurs, and to produce everything possible in Africa. garbage is much more abundant than in Brazil and they have much greater needs than ours.

The different countries of Africa have different religions and systems, where we find Muslims, evangelicals, Catholics, spiritists, and for those who think that it was an easy negotiation, it was not, however, because we have an eclectic board, access to the embassies has become easy.

"I came in contact with Prince Otumba Adekunle Aderonmu, who made himself available to us in order to complement in another matter about NIDO AMERICAS - Brazil, an association created by the Nigerian Government, to take care of the commercial affairs of the country and that held the Event Nigeria / Brazil Business Forum ".


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